this is me

Hi! I am Chris from Bremen, Germany. I am also called “kritzel” which comes from the German word for “scribble”. Why? Because that is what I do. I am a graphic designer and illustrator with a wild… and not refined style. Although I studied “Graphics and Communication Design” in Germany – a course for creating designs considering effective communication and interaction with the customer – I still have a lot to learn and I need to improve my skills.

why this blog?

1. I feel the urge to get my work out into the world. I want to show you what I can do but most importantly I want to show that to myself. This blog and you are my motivation to stay active and move foward.

2. I want to encourage you and show you that it is easy to be creative. Let us take drawing for example: If you are one of those who says “I cannot draw” way too often you should stick around. Here is the truth: All it takes is a pen and a sheet of paper. Make a line. Done. You are an artist! (In this case a minimalist artist :D) Seriously.

3. I am dedicated to learning, improving myself and my arts. If you have the same goal as me or still think that you cannot draw you are welcome to learn and grow with me. And when there are difficult decisions and tasks lying in front of us we already have a solution:

It all starts with a “kritzel“.