“kritzel” – the beginning of everything

scribble of a pig

A bold statement. And it is my nickname, too. But it is (I am) not as bold as it sounds. Let me explain:
First of all “kritzel” comes from the German word for scribble. A scribble by definition is “a piece of writing or a picture produced carelessly or hurriedly”. So what is i good for? What would you use it for and when? Let us split this up.

“A piece of writing or a picture” clearly is something from us, originated in our minds. It is an image, a word, a phrase… an idea! It is a spark of creativity. And only we have that idea in that moment in those specific circumstances.

It is “carelessly”… well, not entirely… the decision to make a scribble is an important and careful one. We do not want to forget our idea. The form, on the other hand, is rather unimportant. It can be awfully chaotic. It is not perfected, not fancy, neither sleek nor glittered and it certainly does not have to be. So the looks might be careless.

It is “hurriedly”… Yes, definitely! Usually, we get our thought on paper quickly. We do not want to miss the opportunity to make a note because we do not want to forget our thought. It only needs a short and quickly done reference to make us remember. Personally, I ignore my surroundings and rush as fast as I can to inscribe my idea into the paper.

By the way, making an inscription is something humanity does for centuries. Although, immortalizing a thought by carving it into stone is well old fashioned for the digital era. What counts most today is that a note has to be done fast. And the immortal dimension is not thought of. It only has to last for a bit until we turn back to it… If we do not return maybe it was not so important after all. Good, we did not spend too much time.

Also, the physical movement of writing or scribbling, or throwing, string picking, dancing… is helping us to remember. We only need to decide what thought we want to connect to our movement. Then, whenever we are confronted with our own scribble (or the movement for the scribble) we will remember our idea.

Ideas are precious. They are our base. Our essence. They are our starting point behind a big project. Let us save them. Scribble!