creativity – anytime, anywhere, anyone

deco plant scribble

Lately, I got reminded that creativity can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone… to us if we allow it. There are countless situations in our daily life that can give us creative impulses although we might not see them straight away. Well… we might “see” them but do not realize them as such. They hide beyond our comfort zones, outside our routines. Yeah, those things we repeat day after day which make us miss those little changes, glitches and abnormalities.

It took me a long time to understand that I can draw creativity from everything around me and reinvent my way of “seeing” things to what happens in my everyday life. I scrutinise my surroundings with the five W questions – what, why, who, where, when – , the question how, when it comes to people I question about intentions, personal experience and some more. I want to know what is going on and it is not always what it seems. Talking to people helps a lot, but most of the times the questions stay silently in my head. And although I keep them for myself and risk a wrong answer I always stay openminded and prepared for every possible outcome, realistic or not realistic (<- that is where the fun is 😉 )

Our first impression or analysis should not turn out as a hardened prejudice. I like to be proven wrong and learn from my misunderstandings. Besides, prejudice surely has a negative overtone but it is what we rely on when we make decisions. We can never, seriously NEVER, understand a situation or a person 100%. We need prejudice as a tendency for our decisionmaking. Prejudice should be flexible, though. Therefore we need to re-question everything we think we already have an answer for… Our knowledge is like an illusion, you know, like the good old “I know that I know nothing”. There is ALWAYS more if we change our perspective. Perspective should be flexible, too. I know that I have a first impression of something… but I decide for myself if I want to be influenced by that impression. On purpose, not because of my routines.

… did I drift off? In short: Do not jump to conclusion too quickly. Our first reaction will be based on our usual way of thinking. Be critical, ask questions and decide differently.

E.g. as a musician you will realize that noises are music and you hear noises constantly. As a dancer, you will realize that movements are fundamental – every person, animal, object, even a tree moves. As a painter, everything you see can be your perfect model. Even things you do not see. Open your senses to your surroundings. Oh, and if an idea forms in your head scribble it down!

I want to give you some tips on what helped me to go a step beyond “seeing” and step outside my comfort thinking in the upcoming posts. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to you and you can boost your creativity. And because I am a visual artist I will focus more on the “seeing” rather than the “hearing” etc. But if you keep an open mind maybe you can gain a new perspective or idea for your art, as well. In addition, I make sure to give you references to other arts and artists that I find inspirational. Starting up with what got me writing this post in the first place:

It is a rainy day. You are sitting in your hotel room, alone. There is nothing going on. What do you do? How about creating a song with the sounds your hotel room provides you with? Hannah Trigwell made a perfect example of that: 
Resourceful, creative, out of the box. Sounds and music are everywhere.
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